Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

70 micron thickness or more Biodegradable Plastic carry bags or Standard Plastic carry bags can be custom made and it is not banned by the government. Our custom made plastic bags can come in all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

Bag size can be easily varied to suit, and a side or bottom gusset adds to the capacity.

Very popular are the clear and coloured high density plastic bags. These bags usually have a diecut handle or plastic strip handle.

What about a great Photographic Process Print on your bag to WOW everyone. The plastic in this bag also contains an EPI degradable additive.

Photographic Process Print

Plastic Singlet Bags

Plastic Singlet Bags

These bags are made from low density material and usually have singlet handles.

Perforated Plastic Flat Bags in Rolls (without handle)

Perforated flat bag in rolls without handle is not under the government plastic bag ban. Please send us your enquiry to include bag colour and bag size.

Print minimums are from 3000 for NZ made plastic bags and 5000 minimum for offshore made plastic bags and all supermarket singlet style plastic bags.

Plastic Courier bags are available custom made. Minimum from 3000.

Plain plastic bags are available in white, opaque and some colours.

Minimum orders from 200.

Please take note all plastic bags will be at least 70 micron thick or more and this is the requirement of the new regulation effective 1st of July 2019.

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