Magnetic Closure Gift Box & Acid Free Tissue Paper

Magnetic Closure Gift Box / Eco Friendly Protective Wrapping

Various Sizes
Available in Black, White & Brown Colour

Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes Sizes and Quantity per pack

ItemDescriptionSize (Width x Height x Depth in mm)Standard Carton Size
1Mini-WHITE180w x 180h x 80d40
2Mini-BLACK180w x 180h x 80d40
3Small-WHITE235w x 235h x 75d30
4Small-BROWN235w x 235h x 75d30
5Small-BLACK235w x 235h x 75d30
6Medium-WHITE285w x 285h x 100d20
7Medium-BROWN285w x 285h x 100d20
8Medium- BLACK285w x 285h x 100d20
9Large-WHITE350w x 300h x 100d15
10Large-BROWN350w x 300h x 100d15
11Large-BLACK350w x 300h x 100d15
12Extra Large-WHITE490w x 300h x 130d10
13Extra Large-BLACK490w x 300h x 130d10
14Single Wine-WHITE325w x 100h x 100d30
15Single Wine-BROWN340w x 100h x 100d20
16Single Wine-BLACK325w x 100h x 100d30
17Double Wine-WHITE325w x 187h x 100d20
18Double Wine-BROWN340w x 187h x 100d20
19Double Wine-BLACK325w x 187h x 100d20



If you need some Acid Free Tissue Paper, We have it too.

500w x 750h in a ream of 500 sheets (Black or Brown) and 1,000 sheets (White).

510w x 760h in a ream of 480 sheets available in Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Turquoise, Violet or Yellow.

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